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Analytics – The Next Frontier

Friday, January 13th, 2012

We’re seeing more and more attention being paid to analytics, and more and better tools being made available at lower costs. And not just for website analytics, but for a broader set of digital measurements.

Earlier this week we saw an article in the New York Times business section about rumored plans that Amazon may have for becoming an analytics provider as either a stand-alone service or an add-on to their cloud-based services. They’re already storing a lot of data for you, perhaps they can provide you with insights based on that data that are relevant to your sales and marketing efforts.

We also read an interesting post at Newfangled that points out some changes Google has made recently that may point toward Google Analytics becoming a paid service. That would certainly make providers like ShinyStat and Clicky happy.

Analytics – particularly services that offer real analysis tools and not just access to the data – is tremendously valuable and important enough that it’s worth paying for if no free tools fit the bill, so this is a trend worth watching.

It will be interesting, as well, to see if perceived value comes into play. We currently have a number of clients who don’t really make use of their Google Analytics data, but I doubt many of them would give up the service. Once they’re paying for analytics, will that make the data more valuable? Valuable enough to turn the data into actionable info? Not a bad development, all in all.

Let me know whether you’re making use of your Google Analytics or other free analytics data. If not, why not? Are you not sure what you’d do with the info, not sure how to analyze the data to get actionable info, or something else?


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