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4 Tips For Email Marketing Success

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Here are 4 great ideas for improving the return you see on your email marketing investment.

Use Images and Text
Yes, images are sexy, but your email can’t sell if nobody reads it. And nobody reads it if it gets caught in the spam filters. All-image emails get tagged more frequently, and many email users, mobile and desktop, choose to view emails without images. Be sure to use alt text for all images you do use. Recipients who have images turned off will see the alt text instead. It’s a great opportunity to strengthen your message.

Be Social
Include social media icons so people can easily share your content. Re-apply tip #1 here and include the most important sharing features as text as well as icons. (But only if you can integrate without the whole sharing “block” becoming the focus of your email.)

A/B Test
Change key elements like offers, subject lines and time of day to determine what works best for your audience. With the near-immediate data feedback you can get with email marketing (and most digital marketing) you should constantly be testing and refining.

Send Again
Here’s an idea I’d like your feedback on. I recently read a suggestion that to improve results, you should send an offer multiple times. I’ve seen this trend increasing recently both in B2C and B2B mailings, with emails coming repeatedly. Some are identical, others variations on a theme, and the best of them seem to add something new and interesting to the previous messages. But I wonder whether this will further turn people toward the Delete button. If I’ve already made my decision – whether yes or no – it would really be great if you’d stop bothering me about it.  




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